28 October 2014

Sassy Scrapper - October Moodboard Challenge #2

Such a little POSER
 I'm not normally one to scrapbook in pink, but for the October Moodboard Challenge over at Sassy Scrapper I'd scrap in pink every day!  In my last Sassy Scrapper post I forgot to include a picture of the Moodboard, so here it is!
For every entry into the October Moodboard Challenge, Sassy Scrapper is donating $1.00 to the Breast Cancer Foundation.  What a wonderful initiative!

I had to dig through photos to find one I would be happy to scrap in pink.  I found this photo of my daughter's first costume inspection day when she started dancing in 2010 - she was wearing a hot pink 'genie' costume.  Perfect!  Here is my second entry...

I also don't usually do much with embellishments with my scrapbooking, however I saw on Pinterest someone made feathers with washi tape and I wanted to give it a go.  I think they're pretty cute!

Remember to be 'breast aware' ladies - don't fall into the booby trap!


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  1. cool idea with the washi tape Deb, thanks for joining in at Sassy Scrapper. :)


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