10 April 2015

Some Father's Day cards...

I've recently joined a group on Facebook called Australian Combat Cards Inspiration and Ideas.  This group then links to state-specific groups and the purpose behind these groups is to collect handmade cards to send to our Aussie troops deployed overseas, for them to send back to their families.  Wonderful idea, right?  Obviously it takes time to (a) get the donated cards overseas to the deployed troops; and (b) for the troops to be able to get the cards home to their loved ones.  So, with cards for specific occasions, there are deadlines several months in advance.  Hence why I'm making Father's Day cards in April!

I like to make multiples of 4s when making bulk cards for something like this (the idea being that one sheet of A4 cardstock yields 4 cardfronts).  So, I grabbed my new 'Moon Lake' stamp set from Stampin' Up!, my daughter's Derwent Watercolour pencils and here is the finished product... (sorry the photo is a bit skewiff - my camera batteries needed recharging desperately and I had to take the photo I could get, lol!)
However, the story is not yet done!  I put a personalised stamp on the back of all my cards, and I like to use Versafine Onyx Black.  Unfortunately, I had a little "oopsie", and like the proverbial toast with butter, one of my cards landed upside down on the open ink pad - DOH!!!
Of course, all is not lost!  I simply cut off the offending portion and reconfigured the card design a bit, and voila!  A fourth card to join the bunch!
All's well that ends well!

By the way, the design for this cardfront was inspired by a post on Pinterest.


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