28 April 2015

Scrapbook Boutique ~ April Challenge

Phew, I'm cutting this one a bit fine!!  Again, I've gone a bit outside the box for my entry into the Scrapbook Boutique ~ April Challenge.  We start out with this yummy inspiration photo:
I've gone with the purple and the flowers as my inspiration, although it isn't apparent from the beginning...
It also doesn't help that my colour hasn't come out very well in the photos...  Imagine the ribbon, oval frame, butterfly and stamp are all in an eggplant-purple sort of colour... (d'oh!)

But, surely that's not enough purple for this inspiration photo and blog challenge...  There must be something more...  [Pull the ribbon to find out!]
And of course, there is!  Pull the ribbon up a little bit more...
(See, the colour is better ~ but only just!!!) And there it is, some pretty purple flowers that are a bit sneaky...

This card has been made as a special order for one of the marvellous ladies in our school office (to give to her mum).  I hope they both like it!



  1. Very clever Deb! I'm sure your recipient will be thrilled with this 'sneaky' card! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Scrapbook Boutique this month - don't wait too long next time, or you might miss out!

  2. Oh my, you are so clever, what a fantastic and fun card Deb! So glad you could share it with us at Scrapbook Boutique!

  3. Oh my goodness Deb - it's magic! Love it and that's so clever. I think they'll love it.

  4. OH WOW!! love it Deb! such a clever card and love the subtle flowers too! How organised getting a Mother's Day card done this early!! Me it is the night before LOL!! Thank you for joining in and sharing with us at Scrapbook Boutique.

  5. What a great card. I'm impressed. Never seen one like that before. Thanks for sharing and joining in at Scrapbook Boutique this month.


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