07 January 2016

My Wanderlust Book - page 1


So, Wanderlust 2016 has well and truly started, and the first video was amazing!  Full of so much awesome information and inspiration.

This spread is in response to the first prompt for my Wanderlust Book...  I immediately had two words spinning around in my head - "Balance" and "Symmetry" - both with the same sorts of meanings for me.  I chose "Symmetry" as I felt I could represent that better in art form...
I started out attempting to replicate the techniques being shown by our wonderful instructor, Kasia.  However, in following her physical work, I neglected to heed her verbal advice of doing what was comfortable for me.  So I'm not overly happy with this page, however I thought better of tearing it up - I wanted to be able to learn from this entire process, and take ownership of the whole experience, not just the parts I'm happy with...



  1. no! don't tear it up! I'm also doing the course and am not happy with my first page but what will be really amazing is at the end of the year to look back and see how we've progressed.

  2. This looks like you had a tonne of fun Deb. Happy crafting and enjoy the process as this course develops over the year. Sounds amazing. xx


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