03 January 2016

I'm saying YES! to new adventures!

Having never really done art journalling before, you can certainly say that "I've got the bug"!  I've joined up as an Adventurer with Wanderlust 2016, a year-long (online) journey through mixed media and art journalling.  Already I've been inspired to let the rules go and just get more creative, and it's been incredibly liberating!!  Here is my second art journalling spread:
I came across the saying "I'm saying yes to new adventures" somewhere online on New Year's Day, and I thought it suited my fledgling art journalling career perfectly.  This is all a new creative adventure for me and I'm excited to embrace it.

When I thought of this saying, the beginnings of the Yellow Brick Road immediately came to mind.  I can remember watching Dorothy in the ruby slippers beginning at the inner point of the road as it spiraled outwards.  Eventually the road comes to a fork, and each path is a different and new adventure.  Thus the inspiration for this spread.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope everyone finds (or makes) the time to get a bit creative every day - it's good for the soul!


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  1. This page is fantastic I love the story behind it. I always tell myself that there are not mistakes with mixed media only advertures. Enjoy your journey and I am so glad that I am along for the ride. Much Love Dee x


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