01 February 2016

Pixels and Paper ~ February 2016 Challenge

Atlanta, GA

Welcome to a new month at the Pixels and Paper Challenge Blog!  This month we have a wonderful inspiration photo that is more of an inspiration theme, really: Travel!
Well, I've only truly travelled once in my life, and that was a memorable two weeks in the USA with my bestie for our joint 40th's in June of 2014.  We started in Chicago, then flew to Atlanta, drove to Asheville NC, Charleston SC, back to Atlanta for a night, New Orleans for 3 nights and then back to Atlanta to fly to Los Angeles and then home.  What an amazing experience, made even better by sharing it with a wonderful woman.

For our initial stay in Atlanta, we went to the Martin Luthur King Historical Site (such a humbling, moving experience) and also checked out the World of Coca~Cola (WOW!)
This is a very simple page with a little bit of layering (not too much).  I had printed out a map of Atlanta that showed where my two landmarks where in relation to the city.  I've also added a bit of 'funsies' for my bestie and I to giggle over - that being the comment on the bottom.  I should explain...

On our first night in Atlanta, we went to a supermarket to pick up some goodies.  We had just arrived and were just getting out of the car.  It was late, probably 9:00pm, and quite dark.  Out of nowhere, came this high-pitched female voice, screaming "Git yaw ASS back in dat caw!"  [best said with a Southern twang - real or otherwise!].  It was so stereotypical - like I'd walked onto the set of a movie!  We managed to get inside the supermarket before we burst into hysterical laughter...

...Needless to say, that was our 'catch-cry' for the rest of our holiday!  Good times!

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