30 August 2015

Kraft+ August Challenge - Zentangle Doodling #2

I really am loving doodling at the moment, and so I wanted to make sure I could play again in the Zentangle Doodling Challenge over at the wonderful Kraft+ challenge blog
My piece this time is probably along the lines of what I was originally going to attempt, and when I had my 'lightbulb moment' yesterday, I knew how I was going to make it work!  When the challenge was first announced at the start of the month, I straight away wanted to make a lamp of sorts, and put my doodling in the 'window panes' of the lamp so they could stand out.  I'm pretty stoked with my final piece...

I had originally mod-podged kraft paper over a piece of A4 canvas paper, and there that sat for the entire month.  I would occasionally pick it up and roll it into a cylinder, trying to think how can I make this into a lamp shade?

Then, sitting at the kitchen table on Saturday morning, it hit me - use one of the awesome Mason Jars my bestie Sandra had gotten me for my birthday last year!  Righto, I was on a mission!

I cut the A4 piece of kraft-covered canvas down to size and then cut out random shapes to doodle within. I then stained a piece of vellum using a mixture of Isocol and Dylusions sprays (in Polished Jade and Postbox Red).  The vellum was then mod-podged onto the surface of the Mason Jar (with the 'stain side' facing the jar).

I soaked the back of the canvas paper with water to make it more malleable, and then mod-podged it onto the Mason Jar, over the stained areas of the vellum so they would show through the cut-outs.  I used additional pieces of the kraft paper (ripped into tiny pieces) to cover all of the joins and around the rim and across the base of the jar to completely enclose the light source.

Once it was all dry, I then doodled using a black pigment pen across the stained 'windows' of the jar, and used a white gel pen to doodle on the kraft background around the 'windows'.

I have put a tealight candle into the jar and lit it up - it is so awesome in real life!!  I'm not sure the photos do it justice, but it definitely something I will be making again!


  1. My gosh! I Wouldn't have the first idea how to start a project like this.....you are sooooo creative! And it looks fabulous....the colours and designs on the outside look really great....wish we could see it in real life....I imagine the light flickering through would look awesome! Thanks for sharing with us at K+, of course, too:):)

  2. Such a cool concept and thanks for doing the doodling and making it look fabulous.

  3. Very clever idea! :) Thanks for joining us over @ Kraft+

  4. Love your fun and clever entry Deb. Thanks so much for joining us!


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