11 March 2015

Blood donation: totally unrelated to crafting...

... but something I'm equally passionate about!

 Today I have donated my plasma (or "liquid gold") for the 15th time.  It took me most of my 40 years to be able to face a needle and pluck up my courage.  Now it is something I try to do at least once a month, and sometimes twice.

My theory is this - if I am going to have a needle put into my arm, it may as well be by a professional who does it for a living (I love my professional vampires at the Latrobe Donor Centre in Bundoora).

There are many criteria to being a blood donor, and these are all available through the ARCBS website "eligibility quiz", etc.  Sadly, some people feel they are being discriminated against if they do not meet the criteria.  This is a shame to feel that way because, hey, even though we're the donors, it's actually not about US.  It is about the people who need our blood products - they're the ones who are sick!

I have a friend who actually needs to be bled once a month because her haemoglobin level is too high (the ARCBS performs this service for free).  One day we were talking about blood donation, and this friend complained that all the blood she has bled out of her gets thrown away.  She felt that was such a waste when donors were desperately needed.  This idea makes sense initially, until you realise this:  if her haemoglobin level is no good for her, what makes it any better for people who are sick???
 The ARCBS provides an amazing service, and they need our support, especially around holiday periods.  If you've ever thought about blood donation, why not check out the eligibility quiz to see if you meet the criteria.  And if you don't, that's okay - you tried.  Perhaps there are other ways you could help, like maybe by spreading the word to others to see if they're eligible...

Give it a go, and spread the word!!!

Deb.xx  (Plasma Donor and proud of it!)

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